Diving on Bonaire

Bonaire is the ideal island for diving, in complete freedom wherever you want. Just get the gear in the back of the car or on the boat and off you go. Almost all of the dive sites are on the west coast and around Klein Bonaire. Diving on the rough east side of the island is possible too, for experienced divers. The official dive sites around Klein Bonaire and along the coast of Bonaire are all marked by a yellow buoy to which the boat can be docked. The buoys are straddling the reef, the drop-off, where the color changes from dark to azure. Boats are not allowed to go past this drop-off, to protect swimmers and of course the delicate underwater world in the shallow waters. Even in high season it’s never crowded with max one boat per buoy. Klein Bonaire Klein Bonaire (‘Little Bonaire’) can only be reached by boat, but every diving school on Bonaire has a frequent schedule of boat trips to Klein Bonaire and there are water taxi’s right at the boulevard. Or if you want, rent a boat yourself and sail there. Klein Bonaire has beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the sun until […]

Bonaire eats and drinks

Villa Dicha has a fully equipped kitchen where you can go nuts on that perfect romantic dinner. At the Kaya Industrial, only five minutes drive from the villa, there are a number of big supermarkets where you can find all you need for some serious cooking. Culinary Bonaire: Fish or meat for tonight? But don’t forget the culinary side of Bonaire: there’s a ton of great restaurants and cafe’s on our little rock. Aside the great fries and burgers, I mean really-really good: delicious fresh fish, as expected, but also mouthwatering steaks, the colourful caribbean cuisine, really fancy, or just a pizza if you feel lazy, it’s all there. It’s amazing and pretty unexpected to find so many really good restaurants on such a small island. Don’t forget to make reservations, especially during high season! To make it super easy for you: my top 15 best restaurants on Bonaire: Brass Boer in Delfins Beach Resort. Culinary delights from none other than the famous dutch topchef Jonnie Boer himself … even though he’s not always there himself, it remains an unforgettable experience to dine here. At Sea. Culinary delights in good sizes portions with perfect service in style. If you have […]

Fun Facts…

Always fun to learn more about your holiday destination. The history of Bonaire is short but interesting fun facts… Bonaire is one of the ABC islands, next to Curacao and Aruba, the Dutch Leeward Islands. Saba St. Eustatius and St Maarten are the three dutch Windward Islands or the SSS islands. The island is discovered around 1500 and the complete population was deported of the island to be sold as slaves in 1515 by the spanish. from 1526 Bonaire was successively dominated by the Spaniards, the Dutch, the British, the Dutch, and again the British and only since 1816 it was Dutch again. Bonaire¬†has become a special municipality of the Netherlands since 10-10-2010. There was even a concentration camp for the Nazis during WWII. The official language is still dutch and almost all local people speak three or more languages The local language is papiamentu, a language with influences from Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and Dutch and even influences from Indian and African languages. The economy is mainly tourism but there’s still no mass tourism on the island, which makes Bonaire one of the most authentic islands of all of the dutch antilles For a really small island there are […]

Come fly with me…

For renting Villa Dicha, best contact info@villadichabonaire.com for more information on availability. From the Netherlands there are daily flights with KLM or TUI, with a possible stop on Aruba or Curacao. From the USA and Canada: Delta, United, American Airlines and Sunwing have direct flights to Bonaire. Flight schedules Check vluchtschema’s Bonaire for more information on all flights from and to Bonaire. Find out all about flight schedules, airplane types, flight data and trackers. For all guests coming from the Netherlands, check the available daily flights on the KLM website or multiple times a week with TUI. Delta Airlines is flying to Bonaire directly from Atlanta, multiple times a week, depending on the season. American Airlines offers non-stop flights from and to Miami United Airlines offers almost every day flights directly to Bonaire from Newark and Houston Sunwing Airlines flies directly from Toronto, Canada virtually daily too. Connecting Flights from Curacao and Aruba If you are interested in island hopping, there’s a ton of flights going in and out. The major airlines have stop-overs on the nearby islands of Curacao and Aruba and also smaller local airlines connect the islands several times a day. Even a one day trip to […]