Bonaire Divers Paradise

'Bonaire, divers paradise', the license plates on the cars of Bonaire say it all. Bonaire is a divers paradise, many thanks to the long going efforts of Stinapa, the organisation that has been pretecting and maintaining the nature and the underwater world around Bonaire since 1979. Each diver and snorkeler on Bonaire contributes to their work with the purchase of a dive tag. That's how we keep Bonaire as beautiful as it is, by and for all divers.

Flamingo's op Bonaire


Diving on Bonaire is the ultimate freedom. Along the whole westcoast all diving sites are marked by yellow stones stating the name of the dive site you're at. Toss your gear in the car, park the car along the side of the road and just walk into the sea. A number of dive sites are a bit harder to reach but most sites are easily accessible from the beach. In the water, yellow buoys mark the drop-off of the reef. Boats from diving schools or private rental boats go out each day to bring divers and snorkelers to the best spots they can find. Klein Bonaire, the little island in front of Bonaire, can only be reached by boat, so take a watertaxi or tag along on the boat of one of the many diving schools. Enough to choose, not enough to make a crowd, there's never more than one boat on each buoy!

Bonaire... come visit our beautiful island and enjoy the underwater world

Snorkeling on Bonaire

For snorkelers, Bonaire is the ultimate place to be. Around the whole island there are shallow sites where you can be part of the underwater world, without needing diving gear. Lots of diving sites extend to just below the surface, giving a view on the most beautiful coloured corals and fish you can imagine. Make sure you wear diving boots or reef boots for easier access

protecting the underwater world

Ever since 1979 the Bonaire National Marine Park has been protected and thanks to the efforts of the foundation of Stinapa, Bonaire has remained the diving paradise it is today. Each diver or snorkeler going into the sea on Bonaire, purchases a nature tag at the diving shop, school or at the Washington Slagbaai Park, paying a small fee for Stinapa. The fee is being used to maintain and protect the underwater world and the nature on Bonaire as well. Thangs to their efforts, Bonaire is still one of the best diving sites in the world.

Bonaire eats & drinks

For an authentic and laid back island, it's truely amazing to find the huge number of great restaurants on Bonaire. Not just at the boulevard of Kralendijk, but also down town, at walking distance, you'll find so many restaurants you won't have to eat twice at the same place during your holiday... if you want: most of the restaurants are so good, you want to come back!But don't  just stay at Kralendijk, discover some of the culinary gems just 10 minutes away from the city, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

the authentic tropical island of Bonaire accomodates an abundance of great restaurants

Bonaire above the surface

Not just under water, even above the surface there's a lot of beautiful nature on Bonaire. The Washington Slagbaai National Park is worth while visiting. Stray donkeys and goats between cacti towering above them, swarms of birds and parrots and of course the flamingo's, who find their most important breeding grounds here. Frightening looking but totally harmless iguanas jaywalking and bushes looking totally harmless but dressed with frightening spines.

The park stretches itself from the westcoast with its idyllic bays and beaches inviting you to a cooling swim or an afternoon of lazy sunbathing to the rough eastcoast where the wind blows towering waves over the rocky cliffs.