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Diving on Bonaire

Bonaire is the ideal island for diving, in complete freedom wherever you want. Just get the gear in the back of the car or on the boat and off you go. Almost all of the dive sites are on the west coast and around Klein Bonaire. Diving on the rough east side of the island is possible too, for experienced divers. The official dive sites around Klein Bonaire and along the coast of Bonaire are all marked by a yellow buoy to which the boat can be docked. The buoys are straddling the reef, the drop-off, where the color changes from dark to azure. Boats are not allowed to go past this drop-off, to protect swimmers and of course the delicate underwater world in the shallow waters. Even in high season it’s never crowded with max one boat per buoy.

Klein Bonaire

Klein Bonaire (‘Little Bonaire’) can only be reached by boat, but every diving school on Bonaire has a frequent schedule of boat trips to Klein Bonaire and there are water taxi’s right at the boulevard. Or if you want, rent a boat yourself and sail there. Klein Bonaire has beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the sun until the next dive.

Duiken op BonaireCoastal Diving

Diving straight from the coast, the ultimate holiday experience,super easy and relaxed on Bonaire. Each dive site is marked on land by a yellow stone carrying the name of the dive site. You can swim to the drop-off anywhere, it’s never far away. Sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge to reach the sea on narrow paths and steep stairs or rocky beaches, but many dive sites can simply be reached from the road without much effort. Rent a car, toss the diving equipment and the picnic basket in the back and drive along the coast and dive at any one of the beautiful dive sites. Just put your car on the side of the road, put on your diving gear and walk into the sea.

Diving tag

The entire underwater world around Bonaire is part of a protected Marine Park which is supervised and managed by the Stinapa foundation. Thanks to their efforts, Bonaire remains a diving paradise. To keep it that way, every diver or snorkeler entering the sea on Bonaire is obliged to pay a small amount for a nature tag to fund Stinapa. With this tag you can swim or dive anywhere and get free access to Washington Slagbaai, the park on the north of the island where you have a beautiful bay at Boca Slagbaai for sunbathing, snorkeling or diving. Take food and lots of drinks with you (and a garbage bag to leave nothing behind!) Because there are no shops or restaurants here, this is a true nature park with no commercial services.

The tag is for sale online, but also available on every diving school, dive shop and at the entrance of the Washington Slagbaai Park. It’s valid for one year, so come back soon!

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